14 Aug

Welcome to People's Life Institute.  In this current time of turmoil, unrest and financial hardship, everything in our world has been turned upside down.  Every part of our lives has been impacted by Covid-19; our daily lives are uncertain and it's almost impossible to plan or schedule anything.  We don't know for sure when schools can and will open back up or how long they will stay open.  This affects our livelihood, peace of mind, causes emotional turmoil and stress on relationships and especially damages our children and their well being.  

Our clients have seen uncertainty in how they will provide the basics, such as food, shelter, utilities, transportation and medical care for their families. There are obstacles and challenges to survival as never before. While we do not have the answers to everything, we are here to help in any way we can.


I'm Linda D. serving as the Executive Director of People's Life Institute.  I'm obviously a fan of roosters and I will tell you straight up, I love coffee, Jesus, my husband and my job.  

I was born in Florida and my husband came here 37 years ago from the Appalachia Mountain area of SE Virginia.  We attend a local church in the Plant City, FL area and have been involved with ministry for over 20 years. We both have a heart for those who are suffering from adversity and misfortune.  

Together with our volunteers, donors, prayer partners, ministry partners and other kind heart folks, PLI serves individuals and families in this area. 

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