Linda D.

Executive Director

Linda has been leading PLI for over 4 years, after spending five years at a Christian homeless mission/non-profit organization. In 2020 she graduated from Louisiana Baptist University with a degree in leadership. In June 2022 she received professional certification in Trauma and Resilience Studies from Florida State University.


Volunteer Activities Coordinator

Joyce is young at heart and has a zeal to serve the Lord. She is a capable and willing volunteer who helps with all aspects of our ministry and always has a smile and a prayer to offer. She is also known as "Joyce on the go" and has many friends and enjoys walking, crafting, Ladies Bible Study and is famous far and wide for her Delicious Deviled Eggs!


Administrative Assistant

Angel is a long time resident of Plant City and is a proud mom and grandma. She loves Jesus, crafting and coffee, and has a small zoo at her house. Her birds are Bailey and Kiwi, several dogs and cats and her beloved husband has a python. Angel is involved in her church and crafting activities and has assisted PLI community outreach as well. Angel handles our recordkeeping and helps keep our office running well.


Special Events Coordinator

Victoria is exuberant, joyful and keeps Matt, her husband, busy with many activities. Victoria has never met a stranger and is very talented in social media, ministry and many other areas. We are blessed to have her talent and time here at PLI. Among many other accomplishments, she is a consistent Dean's List honoree at Colorado Technical College and will be graduating next year. Welcome Victoria!


Tech Consultant

Ron has been a long time tech consultant and volunteer at PLI. He has worked in the IT industry for almost 30 years and is a Navy veteran as well. He helps with our technical operations when needed and volunteers in homeless outreach as well. Ron hails from Kansas but has been in Florida for over 25 years and loves his dog, Buddy. He is a great asset and we are blessed to have him at PLI!


IT Consultant & Chef

Joe has worked in IT for over 30 years. He is married to Linda and supports PLI in many ways with volunteer service. He also serves the boss of the house, Sheddy the cat, and makes sure there are plenty of kitty treats and goodies for her. His passion is painting, cooking and he is a ready volunteer for PLI activities throughout the year. Thanks Joe!


Chaplain / Community Outreach

Donnie recently attained his Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies. He is now pursuing a Master of Divinity at Louisiana Baptist University. He has facilitated a Grief Share Session at PLI and is currently assisting with Chaplain outreach to those in our PLI family who are in the hospital, homebound or otherwise unable to attend a church at this time. Donnie works in the security industry and volunteers when he is not working or spending time with his family.