23 Aug

The "55 Things I’m Grateful For" Challenge:

My first 30 listed here:

  • Time to pray and reflect before falling asleep
  • Freedom to pray, read my Bible and other books of my choice
  • As one of my older clients says, “waking up on this side of the dirt!”   Blessings!
  • A good nights’ sleep on clean sheets with two pillows
  • A good sturdy house with air conditioning
  • Steady barometric pressure so my shoulder isn’t sore
  • Vitamins, Aleve and Sudafed PE
  • A few minutes of quiet time before the busyness of the day
  • Being physically and mentally able to perform the busyness of the day
  • Hot, fresh, delicious coffee with cream and sugar
  • Ezekiel bread toast with deli peanut butter
  • A nice kitchen to fix the coffee and peanut butter toast in
  • Hand lotion and Q-tips
  • Clean, comfortable clothes I like and feel good in
  • A recent “good” haircut (sometimes they are not good haircuts!)
  • Toothbrush (medium bristles) and toothpaste 
  • A clean comb and brush, hair dryer and gel
  • Hot shower with soap and shampoo (God please show us more about how to help our homeless friends and neighbors and let us be willing to do it)
  • The feel of freshly washed tile floor on my bare feet
  • Thinking of a really good friend always willing to make time to listen
  • A car that is paid for and runs well
  • The car that runs well and has the capacity for many more miles
  • Being able to pay for oil changes, new batteries and other maintenance
  • The ability and opportunity to earn money to pay for those things
  • A job I enjoy and that is fulfilling and hits my “sweet spot”
  • Discovering the color “greige” and what I might do with it
  • Being able to march in place or briskly walk several miles on any given day 
  • Sunshine, blue skies, fresh air, green grass and flowers  
  • Dental insurance and overcoming sticker shock on re-treatment of a root canal
  • Planning to schedule said root canal next week (blessing in progress)

To be continued……

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