24 Sep

We can get very busy and distracted and sidetracked by our lives and the things we think we need to do.  The truth is... we always have choices on how we can prioritize our tasks and rearrange those things that need be elevated on our "to do" list.  Many busy, successful people have a list of short term and long term goals and adjust their daily lists to make steady progress toward those goals.  A family member is currently working on a degree, has a family, a job and a busy life.  She is constantly juggling time and tasks to keep all those plates spinning, especially in light of unexpected things that we all run into.... temporary situations that need immediate attention.  

The secret is to always keep your eyes on the goal and never lose sight of where you are going.  We all have to pull over to get gas, an oil change and the occasional repair to the car but we keep driving toward our destination.

Ask yourself the following questions when you are looking at a jam packed day and all the things you have to do:

Is this something I have to do or could another family member more easily and competently do it?

Does this have to be done today or could I schedule it when I am in the area or working on similar things?

Do I have an absolute deadline for this assignment, phone call, bill to be paid, etc?

Do I have to do this task?  Is it really essential for me and the family?

How does this help me move toward my goals?

By stripping away the imposed obligations (by others) and being true to yourself, your values and your family, you can prioritize your daily list and remove some stress and anxiety from your day.

Only you can choose how you will spend the minutes and hours of each day.


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